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App Running Slow?

Slow, Lag, lagging, pause, buffering, buffer

There's the occasional issue with Emby and loading regardless of the device you are using for it. 
Almost every time, these issues can be resolved by closing the app/program, clearing app cache and restarting the device. 

If you're still unable to have a smooth playback please try via a browser (https://app.emby.media) directly to your server. This is the best way to test if a server is up and working properly. 
Emby browser support is almost flawless on all computers (Windows/Mac/Linux). If you're still experiencing issues after testing with a browser please put in a ticket for further troubleshooting.

We run all our content through a CDN provider, CloudFlare. It's possible they're having an issue that's affecting the stream. You can check the status of our CDN at https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/

- BF Admin

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