Down for Maintenance (Err 3)

Issues with storage server, investigating. Please be patient.

Prod2 storage server seems to be in a booting loop right after bios states 'system initialize' (no motherboard error code is displayed for further diag)
- All PCI cards have been removed from motherboard and sata connections, issue still persisting.
- Removing CPU 2 and all but minimal ram to see if we get a boot

2/23 - Further diagnostics of the issue has determined that our server motherboard is dead. A new one has been ordered and will be shipped next day to the DC. Current ETA of the service being online is Tuesday, 25th. We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. This has been the first large failure our service has ever sustained and will have spares put into place for future issues like this if they occur.

All new customer signups and tickets have been blocked with this notice. We will remove this notice when the new hardware is installed and running. If you are trial user and have lost time due to this downtime, please open a ticket when we are back online for time compensation.

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